5 Of The Best Things To Do In Edinburgh

If you are visiting Scotland, or are from here and simply looking for something fun to do on your day off, Edinburgh is a great place to go. The historic capital of Scotland has both interesting heritage and modern fun activities for everyone to get involved. With a festival nearly every weekend of the year and great shows from theatre to comedy, you really can’t go wrong with a trip to the capital.

Here we have listed some of our favourite picks for things to do in Edinburgh, so you have no reason not to go!

Edinburgh Castle

An imposing structure that towers above the main stretch of Prince’s Street. Humanity has occupied the rock since as early as the 2nd Century AD and the castle itself there since at least the 12th Century. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is made up of many different buildings, all with their own special history. With tickets for under £20, it is well worth the visit.



Camera Obscura

A strange little development in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic streets, the Camera Obscura is an amazing exhibition of optical illusion. With quirky features and an incredible viewing platform, you can get in here for just over £15. It’s the perfect place for some wacky holiday photos!

Edinburgh Zoo

Built over 82 acres, the zoo is a great place for a day out. It was the first in the entire world to house Penguins and is now home to Giant Pandas! It is the second most visited tourist attraction I the whole of Scotland so it’s best to get down there early to beat the queues. With prices between £15 and £20, it is very fairly priced for the number of wonders you could see on the day.

Sneaky Pete’s

For the music lovers and fans of finding something new, Sneaky Pete’s is one of the best venues in Scotland for independent new music. With up and coming bands from all over the UK vying for a slot in the venue, it is the best place for discovering the next big thing. Ticket prices vary so check out their website for what is on and when.


Edinburgh Dungeons

If you’re into jump scares and being a little bit frightened, the Dungeons are perfect. A walk through Scotland’s history with a splash of Dark Comedy, the Edinburgh Dungeons are suitable for almost all of the family-though we wouldn’t recommend it for small children or those with a heart condition! With live performances and even rides, the Edinburgh Dungeon’s are an experience worth paying for, starting at just above £14 if you buy online!

With all of these activities to hand and a host of great bars and restaurants, you really could never be bored during a trip to Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh!