Removing Black Mould | How To Remove Mould Safely & Prevent Its Return

Removing Black Mould

So you have noticed the dreaded black mould. Why is it there, and how do you go about removing black mould?

It could be the result of excessive condensation, or it could be because of rising damp on your ground floor. There are so many reasons why black mould may be appearing around your home. It is most likely that you will find it in the kitchen or bathroom where there is constantly excessive moisture in the air. If you want to try and get rid of it, and you most likely do, then there are some home fixes to try before calling in the professional. It should be said, though, that if the areas are larger than 1m² then you should definitely consult a professional straight away as the black mould spores can be bad for your health.

Read on to find out all about removing black mould from your home.


When working with bleach it is important to make sure the room is really well ventilated with all doors and windows open, and it is recommended that you wear work gloves and a face mask as the fumes are particularly strong.

On hard surfaces like a sink or bath, this will work great, but it will not work on porous materials like grout or wood. For these, you will need something that will kill the mould at its root.

Removing Black Mould

Tea Tree Oil

Although tea tree in larger quantities is not cheap, you don’t need a lot of it. It is a natural fungicide as well as being antiseptic. You should wear gloves when using tea tree oil and be careful not to ingest any as it is both a mild skin irritant and toxic.

Tea tree oil will help with removing black mould and with preventing it.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of these things that everyone has lying around their kitchen, so to put it to good use removing black mould is ideal. Although it requires more scrubbing, baking soda is very good at removing the mould from affected areas. It even removes odours!


Removing Black Mould Is Easy…

If you know who to ask! If the area is too large or you don’t know where to start then it is worth your while to phone a professional and have them come and assess the area and find a cause before removing black mould. It is always better to find the root of the problem before wiping the mould away as it could keep returning if there is a leak or rising damp. In order to prevent black mould try to keep areas around your house well ventilated and this will keep it dry and the air fresh.

Removing Black Mould