Running is a fantastic way to improve your physical health, mental well-being, and overall fitness. However, if you’re new to running, it can be challenging to know where to start. To help you begin your running journey effectively and enjoyably, here are essential tips tailored for beginners.

Getting Started with Running

Embarking on your running journey requires some preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable start.

Setting Realistic Goals

Start by setting achievable goals. Whether it’s running a certain distance, duration, or simply getting into a regular running routine, having clear, realistic goals can keep you motivated.

Choosing the Right Gear

Invest in a good pair of running shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning. Comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing is also important to prevent chafing and manage sweat.

Gradual Progression

Begin with a mix of walking and running, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of your runs. Programs like Couch to 5K can be great for structured progression.

Understanding the Importance of Warm-up and Cool-down

Proper warm-up and cool-down routines are vital for injury prevention and better performance.

Warm-up Exercises

Start with a brisk walk or light jog, followed by dynamic stretches such as leg swings or lunges. This helps increase blood flow and prepares your muscles for the run.

Cooling Down

Post-run, engage in static stretching to relax your muscles. This can include stretches for your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. A slow walk can also help bring your heart rate down gradually.

Developing Proper Running Form

Good running form enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of injury.


Maintain an upright posture with a slight forward lean. Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid tensing up.

Foot Strike

Aim for a mid-foot strike rather than landing on your heels or toes. This can help distribute impact more evenly.


Practice rhythmic breathing, coordinating your breaths with your steps. This can help maintain a steady pace and increase endurance.

Building Endurance and Strength

Gradually increasing your endurance and strength is key to becoming a better runner.

Incremental Increases

Increase your running distance and time incrementally – a common guideline is not to increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% to avoid overtraining.


Incorporate activities like cycling, swimming, or strength training into your routine. Cross-training can improve overall fitness and reduce the risk of running-related injuries.

Nutrition and Hydration for Runners

Proper nutrition and hydration are critical for performance and recovery.

Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. Carbohydrates provide energy, while proteins are essential for muscle repair.


Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, and after your runs. Adjust your fluid intake based on weather conditions and sweat loss.

Listening to Your Body

Paying attention to your body’s signals is crucial for a sustainable running practice.

Recognizing Fatigue and Pain

Differentiate between general fatigue and pain. If you feel sharp pain or discomfort that doesn’t go away, take a break and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

Rest and Recovery

Rest days are as important as training days. They allow your body to recover and prevent burnout. Ensure you get adequate sleep and consider gentle activities like yoga or walking on rest days.

Overcoming Mental Barriers

Mental challenges can be as significant as physical ones in running.

Positive Mindset

Maintain a positive attitude and remind yourself of your progress and achievements. Celebrate small victories along the way.

Staying Motivated

Find ways to keep your runs interesting. Vary your routes, listen to music or podcasts, or find a running buddy or group for social support.


Running is a rewarding activity that offers numerous physical and mental benefits. For beginners, starting with the right approach is crucial for a successful and enjoyable running experience. By setting realistic goals, focusing on proper form and technique, paying attention to nutrition and hydration, and listening to your body, you can build a strong foundation for your running journey. Remember, consistency is key, and with time and practice, you’ll see significant improvements in your fitness and well-being. So lace up your shoes, step out the door, and embrace the runner in you.

When it comes to choosing worktops for your kitchen, there are several options available, each with its unique advantages. Among these options, laminate kitchen worktops stand out as an excellent choice for various reasons. From their cost-effectiveness to their versatility in design, laminate worktops offer numerous benefits that make them an ideal choice for your kitchen. This comprehensive guide explores the reasons why you should consider laminate kitchen worktops for your kitchen.

Affordability Without Compromising Quality

One of the primary advantages of laminate kitchen worktops is their affordability compared to other materials.

Cost-Effective Solution

Laminate worktops are significantly less expensive than materials like granite, quartz, or solid wood. This makes them an excellent option for those on a budget who still want a stylish and functional kitchen.

High-Quality Appearance

Despite their lower price, laminate worktops have improved significantly in quality and appearance over the years. Modern laminate can mimic the look of more expensive materials like natural stone or wood, providing a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

Durability and Longevity

Laminate worktops are designed to withstand the rigors of daily kitchen use, making them a durable option for your home.

Scratch and Impact Resistance

High-quality laminate is resistant to scratches and impacts, which is essential in a busy kitchen environment where utensils and other items are frequently used.

Moisture and Heat Resistance

Modern laminate worktops are manufactured to be resistant to moisture and can withstand moderate heat, although it is still recommended to use trivets or protectors for hot pots and pans.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

A huge advantage of laminate kitchen worktops is the lack of maintenance.

Simple Cleaning Process

Laminate surfaces are easy to clean with just a damp cloth and mild detergent. These worktops don’t require specific cleaning products or treatments, making them an incredibly low maintenance choice for busy households.

Hygienic Surface

The non-porous nature of laminate prevents bacteria and mold from penetrating the surface, ensuring a hygienic workspace for food preparation.

Wide Range of Design Options

Laminate worktops offer a vast array of design choices, making them suitable for any kitchen style.

Variety of Colors and Patterns

From solid colors to patterns that replicate wood, stone, or even metallic finishes, laminate worktops come in an extensive range of options to suit any kitchen décor.

Customisation and Edge Choices

You can customise laminate worktops to fit the specific dimensions of your kitchen. Additionally, various edge profiles are available, such as square, rounded, or beveled, to complement the overall design of your kitchen.

Easy Installation and Replacement

Laminate worktops are relatively straightforward to install, which can be an advantage for both new installations and renovations.

Do-It-Yourself Friendly

For those who enjoy DIY projects, laminate worktops can be a great option as they are easier to cut and install compared to heavier materials like stone.

Convenient Replacement

If your design tastes change over time or the worktops eventually show signs of wear, laminate surfaces are easy and cost-effective to replace compared to other materials.

Environmental Considerations

Laminate worktops can be a more environmentally friendly option than some alternatives.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Many laminate products are made using sustainable practices and materials, and some brands offer products made from recycled content or sustainable resources.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The lighter weight of laminate compared to materials like granite or quartz means lower transportation emissions, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

Practicality for All Kitchen Types

Laminate worktops are versatile enough to fit into any kitchen, regardless of size or layout.

Flexibility in Design

Whether you have a small kitchenette or a large, open-plan kitchen, laminate worktops can be adapted to fit the space effectively.

Ideal for Various Kitchen Styles

From contemporary to traditional, laminate worktops can complement any kitchen style, ensuring that they blend seamlessly with your home’s overall aesthetic.


Laminate kitchen worktops offer a blend of affordability, durability, style, and practicality, making them an excellent choice for any kitchen. With their wide range of design options, ease of maintenance, and environmental benefits, laminate worktops are well-suited to meet the diverse needs and preferences of homeowners. Whether you are renovating your kitchen on a budget or looking for a stylish yet functional worktop solution, laminate worktops provide a versatile and cost-effective option. By choosing laminate, you can achieve the aesthetic appeal and functionality you desire for your kitchen without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

Move During The Day

The human body was not made to sit around all day, every day – we’re designed to move. Living an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean working out for hours at the gym every day – it can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking farther away from your destination when running errands.

Take Breaks

Taking regular breaks throughout the day helps alleviate mental fatigue, boost productivity, and even improve your sleep. A quick walk around the block, a short yoga session, or just sitting outside are great options.

To live a more active lifestyle, it is important to find ways to integrate activity into your everyday routine. While going to the gym on a daily basis may be difficult for some, there are many ways you can get active throughout the day — like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further away when running errands.

Get Moving At Night

A healthy active lifestyle doesn’t always have to involve a daily trip to the gym. Generally, feeling physically healthy depends on a reasonable amount of physical fitness and a healthy, well-considered diet. Likewise, feeling mentally healthy relies on tuning out the noise and giving your mind space to breathe.

Daily Habits

For many people, committing to an active lifestyle is daunting. If sweating in a gym or running on a treadmill is not your thing, consider pairing physical activity with something you enjoy, like listening to music while jogging on the treadmill, or start a morning routine of doing squats, crunches and pushups before you even get out of bed.

Air compressors are a vital component of operations in most industrial applications. They power pneumatic tools, inflate tires, clean surfaces, and more.

Preventive maintenance is a key to minimising breakdown-induced downtime and costs. It’s a good idea to contract professionals for more complex repairs, but many basic compressor repair checks can be performed by operators on a regular basis.

Poor Operation

Air compressors that don’t meet three primary requirements of power, pressure maintenance and airflow control are not going to work at their best. This translates into more downtime, wasted energy costs, shortened service intervals and potentially even equipment failure.

Air leaks, faulty piping and improper lubrication are all common culprits for poor operational performance. An experienced technician can quickly pinpoint the issue and make small adjustments that will save you money in energy expenses over time.

Insufficient End-Use Pressure

If your facility’s compressed air system isn’t properly maintained, it can waste energy. Unrepaired leaks, oversized piping and over-pressurized use (known as artificial demand) add up to significant costs and reduce production efficiency.

For instance, a leak under the compressor hood might cause the pressure gauge to drop, possibly triggering the motor to trip off and shut down the unit. Using soapy water, you can easily test for leaks by applying the liquid to all connections with the compressor unplugged. If bubbles form where the couplers meet, the couplers will need to be tightened.

Noise or Knocking

Air compressors aren’t exactly known for being whisper quiet but if noise levels start getting out of hand it can be a warning that there is a problem with the equipment. Loud noises often mean a compressor is in need of repairs, which can result in costly production downtime and lost revenue.

Performing air compressor maintenance regularly ensures that potential issues can be caught and addressed early on. This will help the equipment last longer, improve energy efficiency and reduce overall costs.

High Energy Consumption

If you run a mission-critical business that could suffer from the loss of compressed air, then keeping your compressor running is paramount. That means preventing unexpected issues that lead to a shutdown.

Proactive maintenance can prevent a host of costly issues, including the cost of labour for overtime pay when operations grind to a halt while staff try to diagnose and make repairs.

It also reduces energy costs. A poorly maintained air compressor system will consume more energy to function and will often operate less efficiently, raising your electricity bills.

Poor Air Quality

An air compressor that is blowing fuses or breakers, having trouble starting or stopping, or making loud noises may need repair. Even with the best preventive maintenance program, these problems can still occur.

Air quality is another important factor to consider. Moisture within a compressed air system can damage the piping system, sap efficiency, and increase equipment wear and tear.


Hereditary hemochromatosis is a genetic disease that leads to an excessive amount of iron in the body.  It is more common in males, and symptoms of iron overload may not be apparent until after menopause in women. Women do not usually experience symptoms until after menopause which is due to the blood elimination that women’s bodies are subjected to every month as part of their menstruation. White people from North-European countries are more likely to get hereditary hemochromatosis which is easily diagnosed with an iron overload test.

What Is Iron Overload?

When your body has too much iron, it starts to store it in different organs which can be very dangerous if not treated in time. To help you treat iron overload, your doctor may recommend an iron overload test to check serum ferritin (SF). This test measures the amount of iron in the body. It is often repeated to ensure accuracy, as other conditions can cause elevated ferritin levels. There are several causes of iron overload, including blood transfusions, anaemia or liver conditions. Genetic testing may also reveal the cause of iron overload and that is why it is recommended to get tested if you have first degree relatives that suffer from this condition.



The causes of iron overload are largely unknown, but two mutations in the gene HFE are responsible for the condition.  Although the condition is rare, it is important to understand the risks and complications of this disease.

A genetic mutation for hemolytic anaemia and too much iron consumption can cause an iron overload. In adults, iron overload tends to manifest later in life, but it can start as early as age 40 in some cases. In children, symptoms will appear sooner if there is a more severe mutation or an excessive iron load. Iron overload can cause organ damage, including damage to the heart, liver, and pancreas. Regardless of age and gender, iron overload disorders are chronic conditions and can affect everyone, and the most frightening part is that it can lead to death if not treated on time.


Symptoms of iron overload depend on the organs affected, but sometimes they can go unnoticed for long periods until they start to harm important organs and become life-threatening. Some of the most common symptoms are fatigue, skin colour changes, abdominal pain, joint pain, irregular menstruation, infertility, impotence, and irregular heart rhythm. Still, the symptoms a person with such a condition experiences depend on the organs affected but can be vague or nonexistent, that is why getting an iron overload test can be a life-saver, especially for people who already suffer from other severe health conditions.

In addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, iron is also a dangerous substance for the liver. The overproduction of iron in the liver can lead to chronic diseases such as cirrhosis and cancer.

iron overload test


According to the most recent research, almost 10% of people of European ancestry have a hereditary hemochromatosis gene mutation. Fortunately, the disease can be treatable and most individuals with this condition have a normal life expectancy. If diagnosed early, iron overload is a manageable condition and with an appropriate diet and lifestyle, it is possible to improve a person’s quality of life even if he has a genetic condition like haemochromatosis.

Luckily, there are ways to reduce your iron level naturally, which can be combined with the medical treatments prescribed by medical specialists. Dietary modifications and specifically designed recipes are all options to help your body cope with iron overload. For best results, consult a doctor first for proper diagnosis or get an iron overload test yourself. It is very important to follow your doctor’s advice each step of the way if you have been diagnosed with this condition. And remember,  you should avoid alcohol consumption as soon as possible if you suspect that you may have hemochromatosis, as alcohol can hurt your already damaged liver because of the extra quantity of iron that it stores.

storage garage with boxes

In 2022 there are numerous ways you can find more space in your living area or if you are a business owner, offload inventory to a secure location. One of the most secure ways to provide housing for your valuables is self storage with various self storage services located around Glasgow and the UK.

Why use self storage and why is it an effective method of expanding the space we could use? Read on to find the top 5 reasons you can make use of this hassle free storage solution today and find out if its right for you

Self Storage for Relocation

Relocation is one of the more common reasons people rent storage containers. This is because moving a considerable distance can take time and often all the goods cant be moved in one go. Therefore to take away the stress of moving inventory, a temporary solution such as self storage can be expediently beneficial. Additionally if you are moving office and need a place to leave your inventory it can offer a considerable amount of space.

Space for Businesses

Organisations living in a busy city can often run short of space with office expansion being challenging and costly. Therefore hassle free storage can often be a solution that saves finances, whether it’s storing documents or bulky equipment needed for work many businesses see this as an effective way to save costs on keeping inventory.

hassle free storage bins

Moving Seasonal Stock

Businesses often have additional seasonal goods during Easter, Summer, or Christmas periods. These goods are often only used once a year and if not sold out immediately they can take up valuable space. Storage containers offer these businesses a solution every year where otherwise the goods would have been wasted they can now be reused and costs saved. Entrepreneurs who favour channels such as eBay may not have adequate warehouses or storage spaces to house their goods therefore making it effective for them as well.

Working Away or Gap Year

People often take time to work abroad or a gap year where they don’t see home. This moving away from home would mean many students or workers need to leave their things in the care of others. Even if its a few boxes left to family members it can still be a hassle convincing people to hold your things or even purchase them. The easier, hassle free storage option would be to protect and store your goods with self storage.

hassle free storage in glasgow

Your Space Is Valuable

This is one of the most important reasons for people investing in self storage. This person would not want to move home but simply does not have enough space for their belongings. Some goods they own are bulky and needed for a short period everything from holiday decorations to baby stuff can be a valuable investment but simply has no use at the time. Left in proper storage it can be used again and given a new life in the future. Therefore this short term investment can benefit some people long term.


trumpet mouthpiece

While the mouthpiece of the trumpet has changed dramatically over the centuries, its roots are still traceable to the 1870s. It was not until the mid-1870s that the valve was added to the instrument. The development of tubular horns made the valves necessary to change the harmonic series. The trumpet mouthpiece’s basic shape came from the traditional trumpet. It was intended to mimic the nobility of the instrument without losing the ease of playing that made alto trombones so popular. However, the basic trumpet mouthpiece still had a few differences. It was much larger, which meant it was easier to bring notes into tune. That led to a lot of controversies. The history of the trumpet mouthpiece is long, and it is a fascinating topic to explore.

Choosing A Trumpet Mouthpiece

To get the most out of your trumpet, you need to choose a mouthpiece that fits your personal physical characteristics. Your lips should be big and round, and a small mouthpiece will make the instrument sound shrill. Your choice of trumpet mouthpiece will help you achieve the sound you’re looking for. There are four main parts of a trumpet mouthpiece: the rim, the cup, the backbone, and the tip. The rim is where your lips will touch when you blow. The cup is the initial chamber, and it will resonate with your vibrations with your tongue. The diameter of the cup determines how much your lips vibrate and the tone you produce.

Once you have chosen the style of mouthpiece, you’ll have to get used to it. This can take some time, especially if you’re changing from one mouthpiece to another. A new mouthpiece can be very uncomfortable and can affect your playing. If you are new to the trumpet or changing from a different mouthpiece, you should take time to adjust. You can also visit a store like Mouthpieces Direct to receive a free consultation on your choice.

 Trumpet Mouthpiece Types

Choosing a trumpet mouthpiece is important – there are many types on the market, and you should choose one that fits your personal needs. It is also important to look for a mouthpiece with a proper fit because this can make a big difference in the sound quality. A good trumpet mouthpiece should be comfortable and not restrict your playing. If you’re unsure, it’s best to get a consultation from a professional to find the right one.

The rim is the flat area that comes into contact with your lip. You shouldn’t play on a rim with scratches or dents, as this can negatively affect your comfort. Additionally, a rim with worn plating could expose the bare brass, which can cause infections or reactions. As a result, your trumpet mouthpiece must be comfortable and hygienic for maximum performance. If it’s scratched, you should also avoid playing on it.

trumpet mouthpiece

A trumpet mouthpiece should be sized properly. The size of the throat should be large enough to allow the player to blow comfortably and effectively. It should be able to accommodate the player’s lips and should be comfortable. A large throat will make the instrument sound shinier, and a smaller one will choke the tone. But it should be comfortable for both the player and the musician. If it’s too tight or too small, the mouthpiece can create too much backpressure.

The throat is the opening that comes out of the trumpet. The throat of a trumpet can have many different sizes and shapes. The throat should fit your lips properly. This will help you produce the sound you want. It will also allow you to practice in any musical style. A larger mouthpiece is ideal for learning classical music. A smaller one is more suitable for lead players, is more comfortable and will allow for a more flexible tone.

The size of the mouthpiece is important. A smaller mouthpiece will produce a louder sound and will require less effort to play. A small, shallow mouthpiece is best for beginners and is the smallest size for high registers. In contrast, a large trumpet mouthpiece will make your trumpet sound too thin. If you want to play classical music, you need a small, shallow, or wide one. The latter is the size of the trumpet.



Generally, there are several basic parameters that determine the type of mouthpiece you need. The rim is the outer part of the mouthpiece. The cup is the inside ring. Its shape affects the sound. If your lips are too wide, it is difficult to play higher notes. If you have a shallower mouthpiece, you’ll have more range and less control. You will need to decide how far the mouthpiece sticks into the lead pipe.

Moving house is a big deal for homeowners. It can be one of the most stressful experiences of one’s life. This is why it is important that you know what to expect when you’re moving house. This way, you won’t be at risk for any nasty surprises or miscalculations that might ruin your move. Using moving companies Glasgow to assist you during the process is one of the best ways through which you can facilitate a house move.

Tasks To Complete Prior To Moving Home

The first thing you should do before you even move your belongings into your new house is to arrange for all the utilities to be paid. This is especially important if you are moving house during an exceptionally busy time like in the middle of the summer. Arrange for your utilities like electricity, gas and council tax early on. Not only does this save you tons of stress when you are relocating in, it also will allow you more time to rest and relax at your new abode. So to save yourself valuable time and hassle sorting out your utilities, be sure to use Just Move in.

The next thing you should consider is what may be causing you to need a relocation. If you find yourself needing a house urgently, it is best to try and weigh up the good and bad of moving house. There are some people who have a genuine need for a bigger home, such as with growing families or downsizing. Others may need to relocate because they are offered a better paying job. If you have your heart set on a bigger home or a job, it may be worth looking into the reason behind your move.



Additional Reasons For Moving Homes

A major reason why so many people get removals is due to health issues. This could range from things like cancer or severe heart problems. It is best to let a professional doctor sort everything out for you, if you are diagnosed with a health-related problem that could have caused your relocation. In this way, you can avoid stressful situations that may arise with your relocation and you can focus on your new home feeling calm and secure.

One more reason why so many people decide to relocate is due to the stress involved with a new job. If you are about to go on a new job or have been told that you are about to start a new job, relocating can be a stressful time. Some people have found it so stressful that they have actually filed for bankruptcy after a relocation. This isn’t something to be taking lightly, especially if you are about to move your home.

Points To Remember For Future Home Moves

Hopefully, if you are considering moving house for whatever reason, you have considered all the factors above. Moving house is both stressful and an exciting time. It can be the best decision you have ever made. However, make sure that you weigh all of the pros and cons before taking the final decision to move homes. Using reliable moving companies Glasgow in order to move homes is a guaranteed to help make the process far easier and smoother overall.

Quick house sell

House sales are dependent on a number of variables and can often be unpredictable due to changes in the market as well as in consumers circumstances. Therefore , it is important to note the best ways in which a quick house sell can be achieved and how this can be done effectively. Let’s explore the different ways in which houses are sold in the UK.

Quick house sell

Selling Privately On The Market

One of the most common ways in which properties are generally sold in the UK is by being sold privately on the market. Normally when houses are being sold privately on the market , this is typically done through an estate agent. This is because estate agents have the skills and expertise to arrange the property sale. Most sales are conducted through estate agents in order to take care of legal obligations as well as mortgage or property payments. However they are not always involved in all property sales.

There are of course a number of inherent advantages and disadvantages to selling privately overall. One of the main benefits of selling privately is that your property is likely to get a significant amount of exposure via advertisements as well as through the estate agents contact network. Furthermore , you will be able to benefit from the estate agents property market expertise in order to help guide you through the process.

On the other hand. There are some disadvantages to choosing to achieve a quick house sale via the private market. One of the drawbacks of this selling method is that there is no guaranteed way to know how fast your property is likely to sell. Therefore this option is best suited to those who have more time on their hands rather than those who are looking to get their house sold quickly.

Quick house sale

Improving Your Chances Of A Sale

In Order to achieve a quick house sell, it is important to be in sync with how the property market is faring. Sellers who have spent time researching their property as well as the market are far more likely to be able to achieve a sale for their property. However this may not always be achieved within weeks or months. Therefore there are other options which are well worth considering in order to get a sale quickly.

Selling to a property website is a brilliant way in which you can achieve a fast property sale. This is because a property website have skills and expertise that can be used to value your property. Furthermore , property buying websites offer a fast and low hassle service that gives consumers the opportunity to sell their home without having to go through a long and drawn out selling process.

Key Points To Keep In Mind When Selling

  • Know how much your home is worth
  • Don’t compromise unless a sale is urgent
  • Make sure to give an accurate and detailed description of your property
  • Take care to find the selling option that best suits you
  • Sell with confidence by using a property buying website




Each day millions of us across the UK take many different forms of transport into work. However due to increased problems with train lines as well as industrial action and overcrowded train carriages increasing numbers of us are starting to find cheaper ways in order to get to work. One of the most popular ways to get to work , especially in London is cycling. Cycling is significant faster than walking and can even be faster than travelling by car in some places due to traffic and congestion. However it still remains inherently dangerous and a number of cyclists have been killed recently. As well as cycling to work another increasing popular option (especially in London) in cities such as Rome and Barcelona scooters are some of the most popular forms of transport thanks to the narrow streets and thick congestion

What Can Be Done To Improve the commute

In order to improve the commute overall there are a number of different changes that can be made but a lot of this should be coming from the government or local authorities as they are responsible for a number of franchise such as some bus services as well as train services. If these are not running on time and schedule then many commuters are impacted and could potentially lose out on wages as a result. One major change that could be made to improve the commute overall is the government purchasing a contract to build much newer , faster trains. Introducing the bullet train into the British rail system could be large step forward for the rail service in the UK. This could considerably cut delays to the service overall and allow for much faster journey times as the bullet train is the fastest train currently in production in the world.

Another way in which the commute could be improved for millions of people across the UK is improved roads infrastructure. Although local councils and governments are often organising new road projects , increasingly work is needed on existing infrastructure to ensure that issues such as potholes can be repaired. If existing road infrastructure is not properly dealt with then it could potentially lead to accidents.

In What Ways Have We Seen The Commute Change Recently

The commute has changed fundamentally from what it has been in the past. Due to a rising population and stretched public services increasingly people coming home from work can expect delays to almost be a rite of passage each day as there is simply too many people leaving work at the same time. Due to this and other issues arising at the workplace some organisations have suggested that employers consider changing their working schedules in order to accommodate workers who travel further. For example some employers could open from 8am to 4pm rather than from 9 to 5 pm.