Basic Science Research

Cancer researchers have made some great advances through basic science. For example, they discovered the principles that govern the production of monoclonal antibodies and how mutant growth factor receptors act as oncogenes. Some of their discoveries are even applicable to our everyday lives. These advances have helped to improve medical research, prevention, and diagnosis. This kind of research has also been recognized by Nobel Prizes. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) funds much of the nation’s basic biomedical research.

Clinical Trials

Often, clinical trials involve a combination of different treatments in a single patient. They can include a new drug, vaccine, or lifestyle change. They can also involve new approaches to existing therapies, such as radiation therapy. Clinical trials are important in many aspects of cancer treatment and care, and not just those who have no other option. Clinical trials are also a vital part of the research process for cancer prevention. Here are some of the ways clinical trials can help improve patients’ quality of life and the success of their cancer treatment.


In addition to focusing cancer research efforts on patient needs, advocacy partnerships can help researchers make better decisions and improve outcomes. Collaborations between patient advocates and scientists can enrich ongoing research efforts and provide motivation for researchers. Advocates are important allies in the fight against cancer, and they are invaluable resources for trainees.

Prevention-Oriented Research

Preventive measures are critical to reducing the incidence of cancer. In addition to screening for early detection, prevention efforts should focus on identifying biomarkers that indicate increased risk of cancer. Innovative community-based interventions are also being studied for their impact on cancer-relevant biological pathways and clinical outcomes. Through these studies, scientists are better able to identify specific cancer risk factors and to develop new treatments that can prevent and control them.


Installing a driveway into your home can boost the overall appearance, and property value. This feature to any home can revamp and modernise the space, as well as appealing to potential buyers on the market. Private parking spaces are appreciated by the majority of homeowners and are prioritised when home searching. Resin driveways in Glasgow have become a favoured type of driveway for properties. This is often due to their simple yet sleek look, and the many benefits that come with this type of surface material.

Resin Material

It is made from a combination of aggregate stones, natural aggregate, and a clear UV resin. This combination results in a durable and attractive driveway that requires minimal maintenance. And unlike other materials, it won’t crack, warp, or shift under heavy traffic. However, the resin-bound surface is not perfect. If you want to achieve the best possible finish, it’s better to hire a professional.


Resin comes in many different patterns and designs these days, which allows buyers to choose a design that suits their property nicely. There are many different colours to choose from which allows the buyer to have creative control over their driveway. There are options for everyone and every style.


Resin driveways are often quick to install and usually is safe to be used by pedestrians in eight hours. However, for parking vehicles, it is best to wait 48 hours to prevent any damage or cracks. Fortunately, the installation process is quick and simple meaning you won’t have to wait days or weeks for your driveway to be complete. This will of course depend on the shape, size, and materials; however, professionals will always aim to complete the works in the shortest time possible.

Easy Maintenance

It is encouraged to remove leaves, soil, and other debris from your resin driveway with a hard brush that will easily sweep away any unwanted messes. You can also hose your driveway down with water to remove dirt, stains, or to give the material a freshen up, especially in summer. Hosing and brushing is ultimately the only way to maintain this type of driveway, making it as simple as can be. Additionally, this doesn’t take much time at all and is perfect for those with busy schedules.


This type of driveway surface material is great for drainage, as it allows water to soak through the gaps in the stones deep into the soil in the ground. Rain can drain through this surface without having to install physical drains at the end of the driveway or obtain planning permission for installation. Many people are unaware of the laws and planning permissions associated with installing a driveway, which is why it is always best to carry out research and choose a reliable professional to carry out the works.



Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are known for their photo filters. It is no secret that these filters change the way your face looks. They often change the shape of your nose, eyes, lip size and even skin texture. The social media platforms have been called out for this and is said to have a damaging effect on how people see themselves. It is believed to encourage people to suffer from body dysmorphia, self-insecurity, and self-consciousness.




Instagram and TikTok influencers often are slammed for “promoting” plastic surgery or covering the fact that they have underwent cosmetic surgery, passing their appearances as “natural”. It is known that many people feel they are more encouraged to want cosmetic surgery due to influencers promoting it.



Selfies are extremely common in the social media world and can be seen on any social media platform. Plastic surgeons have reported in the past that over half of their clients have said they want to improve the way they look in selfies, and therefore will undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve this.


Cosmetic Surgery Competitions


Many aesthetic salons and businesses will promote discounted packages and competitions for social media users to enter, in order to win some sort of cosmetic surgery. This is an incredibly damaging sign and misuse of social media. Users may be more inclined to get some type of surgery if being offered at a discounted price.

Upholstery is a term which refers to the materials used to make up the coverings of pieces of furniture like chairs and sofas. This can include fabric as well as padding and springs. In other words, it is used to create the padding of the seat area. There are many reasons why people may seek furniture upholsterers in Scotland and there are many benefits that come with the service.

Why Is Upholstery Used?


Upholstery is an extremely beneficial service that can transform almost any item. A professional upholsterer will be able to achieve the customer’s desired look for the item using quality fabrics and can make the item look new and modern again.

It is no surprise that over time, furniture experiences wear and tear, as well as markings, and dents. With upholstery, furniture quality can be improved without having to be replaced. It can even discard of mould, dust, and allergens.

It is common for pieces of furniture to hold sentimental value, and often people do not wish to throw them away as they are irreplaceable. Which is why people can choose furniture upholsterers to keep their items looking new, clean, and fresh.

What Are The Benefits Of Furniture Upholstery?


There are many benefits to upholstering your furniture. Often people neglect the service and think that buying new items is their only option. Little do they know that upholstery can transform almost any item they desire, whilst they have full control over the design. Here are some of the main benefits of upholstery:


Transform Your Favourite Items

It is common for people to buy a chair or a sofa that is the perfect shape and size for their home, but over time it suffers through wear and tear or perhaps doesn’t fit your new home’s aesthetic. There is no need to get rid of your favourite furniture; you can upholster it instead! Whether you just want the existing material to have a freshen up, or you want to change the design and colour completely, this is more than doable.


Improve Furniture Quality

You get to choose the material used for your items, and this can be high-quality, durable materials which will not require a change for years. You can turn a cheap item into luxury with upholstery and fit it to your taste.


Environmentally Friendly

Furniture upholstery is much better for the environment than replacing items every few years. Throwing away furniture will end up in landfill and this is extremely harmful to our planet. Whereas, with this service, you can recycle and re-use old items again and again, which not only saves our planet, but can save you money in the long run.

What Are The Material Options?

You have the choice of the material used when you choose this service. It is good to know which materials are available to you and what will suit your home’s style. Here are some of the material options:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Velvet


Final Words


Furniture upholsterers in Scotland can provide you with the best upholstery service, transforming your items with high quality material. They will aim to achieve your desired look with specific designs, colours, and fabrics of your choice. Before buying new furniture items, consider upholstery services in Scotland. Save your money in the long run and do your bit for the planet.




writing in a diary

Establishing a daily routine allows us to set our minds and our actions to a certain set of predetermined activities. Routines make us feel more productive, calm, and proactive during stressful situations. A daily routine can help you set goals and stay focused. It is the key to success in life! So, let’s learn how to create a daily routine! The benefits of a daily routine are numerous.

Developing a daily routine can help you cope with illness, especially during times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic. The repetitive actions we perform improve our physical and mental health. We also tend to feel less stressed when we know what to do and when to do it. Routines are also a great way to lower your stress level. Routines can help you create a more relaxed lifestyle by reducing the stress of juggling tasks and deciding what to do each day. It also frees up your time to accomplish other things. By structuring your day into predictable parts, you will find that you can focus on other things, like taking care of yourself. The same goes for your family. You’ll be more organized, feel calmer, and have more time for yourself, especially when you’re faced with stressful situations.


It’s easy to forget to do something that you love but is important. Creating a morning routine will help you get on with your day with more efficiency and happiness. For example, putting the alarm clock on earlier each day can help you create a clear structure in the morning. A routine can help you to stay on track with important tasks, like working on your business. Even if you’re not a morning person, establishing a routine is still an important step toward a healthy, happy life.

A daily routine starts your day right. By performing the same tasks each day, your brain gets in the right mindset for the day ahead. This helps you to achieve your goals and free up your evenings for other tasks. You may even find that your morning routine allows you more time in the evening. That’s a win-win situation. The numerous benefits of a daily routine are both physical and psychological.


Hereditary hemochromatosis is a genetic disease that leads to an excessive amount of iron in the body.  It is more common in males, and symptoms of iron overload may not be apparent until after menopause in women. Women do not usually experience symptoms until after menopause which is due to the blood elimination that women’s bodies are subjected to every month as part of their menstruation. White people from North-European countries are more likely to get hereditary hemochromatosis which is easily diagnosed with an iron overload test.

What Is Iron Overload?

When your body has too much iron, it starts to store it in different organs which can be very dangerous if not treated in time. To help you treat iron overload, your doctor may recommend an iron overload test to check serum ferritin (SF). This test measures the amount of iron in the body. It is often repeated to ensure accuracy, as other conditions can cause elevated ferritin levels. There are several causes of iron overload, including blood transfusions, anaemia or liver conditions. Genetic testing may also reveal the cause of iron overload and that is why it is recommended to get tested if you have first degree relatives that suffer from this condition.



The causes of iron overload are largely unknown, but two mutations in the gene HFE are responsible for the condition.  Although the condition is rare, it is important to understand the risks and complications of this disease.

A genetic mutation for hemolytic anaemia and too much iron consumption can cause an iron overload. In adults, iron overload tends to manifest later in life, but it can start as early as age 40 in some cases. In children, symptoms will appear sooner if there is a more severe mutation or an excessive iron load. Iron overload can cause organ damage, including damage to the heart, liver, and pancreas. Regardless of age and gender, iron overload disorders are chronic conditions and can affect everyone, and the most frightening part is that it can lead to death if not treated on time.


Symptoms of iron overload depend on the organs affected, but sometimes they can go unnoticed for long periods until they start to harm important organs and become life-threatening. Some of the most common symptoms are fatigue, skin colour changes, abdominal pain, joint pain, irregular menstruation, infertility, impotence, and irregular heart rhythm. Still, the symptoms a person with such a condition experiences depend on the organs affected but can be vague or nonexistent, that is why getting an iron overload test can be a life-saver, especially for people who already suffer from other severe health conditions.

In addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, iron is also a dangerous substance for the liver. The overproduction of iron in the liver can lead to chronic diseases such as cirrhosis and cancer.

iron overload test


According to the most recent research, almost 10% of people of European ancestry have a hereditary hemochromatosis gene mutation. Fortunately, the disease can be treatable and most individuals with this condition have a normal life expectancy. If diagnosed early, iron overload is a manageable condition and with an appropriate diet and lifestyle, it is possible to improve a person’s quality of life even if he has a genetic condition like haemochromatosis.

Luckily, there are ways to reduce your iron level naturally, which can be combined with the medical treatments prescribed by medical specialists. Dietary modifications and specifically designed recipes are all options to help your body cope with iron overload. For best results, consult a doctor first for proper diagnosis or get an iron overload test yourself. It is very important to follow your doctor’s advice each step of the way if you have been diagnosed with this condition. And remember,  you should avoid alcohol consumption as soon as possible if you suspect that you may have hemochromatosis, as alcohol can hurt your already damaged liver because of the extra quantity of iron that it stores.

hand holding social media on phone in front of a laptop screen

The COVID-19 Pandemic did not change the way adults use social media. In fact, it made them more likely to use social media. Many adults have been using social media for years for a variety of purposes and more so in the modern era. Having to stay isolated at home gave people more and more incentive to partake in Instagram posts or TikTok videos, two platforms and businesses which seemed to benefit from people isolating. But what is the best way to use social media during a global pandemic? Here are some tips

Make Some Content

But be consistent with your brand’s voice. While content on social media can be used for promotional purposes, it is crucial to maintain consistency throughout. While it is easy to get distracted by the visual appeal of social media, content must remain consistent throughout. It’s crucial to use the same tone when writing videos, for example, and to keep the language consistent. Videos and images should echo the brand’s philosophy, beliefs, and voice. For this reason, it’s important to use a style guide to make sure you’re producing content that fits your brand’s voice and tone. Consider using the same colours and fonts even if it’s a personal brand. When you think red and white you probably think Coca-Cola. Their fonts are iconic and memorable too. Although seemingly repetitive it can help your audience associate your brand with a certain style.

Make Some Viral Content

Or at least try to go viral. For content you made to go viral it must be highly circulating and viewed by a large audience in a short time therefore it must be highly-shareable. However, viral content is not the norm on social media platforms. Even the largest viral sites are not consistently able to create content that is wildly shared. The key is to understand your audience and build content that is genuinely relevant to them. Social media marketing is all about driving conversations around your brand and generating good ROI for your material building efforts. If you aim to make quality content that is sharable and targeted towards your audience your content may not all go viral but it’s the best chance for your personal brand or business to grow.

Build a Community

Social media is not just cat videos and controversial images, it can be used to bring people closer. Even if it seems counterintuitive, social media can be used to build groups of similar interests and start conversations which start communities. This can be especially useful when isolated and unable to meet other people in person. People can find a voice on social media and spark real change for their brand or beyond if used correctly.


storage garage with boxes

In 2022 there are numerous ways you can find more space in your living area or if you are a business owner, offload inventory to a secure location. One of the most secure ways to provide housing for your valuables is self storage with various self storage services located around Glasgow and the UK.

Why use self storage and why is it an effective method of expanding the space we could use? Read on to find the top 5 reasons you can make use of this hassle free storage solution today and find out if its right for you

Self Storage for Relocation

Relocation is one of the more common reasons people rent storage containers. This is because moving a considerable distance can take time and often all the goods cant be moved in one go. Therefore to take away the stress of moving inventory, a temporary solution such as self storage can be expediently beneficial. Additionally if you are moving office and need a place to leave your inventory it can offer a considerable amount of space.

Space for Businesses

Organisations living in a busy city can often run short of space with office expansion being challenging and costly. Therefore hassle free storage can often be a solution that saves finances, whether it’s storing documents or bulky equipment needed for work many businesses see this as an effective way to save costs on keeping inventory.

hassle free storage bins

Moving Seasonal Stock

Businesses often have additional seasonal goods during Easter, Summer, or Christmas periods. These goods are often only used once a year and if not sold out immediately they can take up valuable space. Storage containers offer these businesses a solution every year where otherwise the goods would have been wasted they can now be reused and costs saved. Entrepreneurs who favour channels such as eBay may not have adequate warehouses or storage spaces to house their goods therefore making it effective for them as well.

Working Away or Gap Year

People often take time to work abroad or a gap year where they don’t see home. This moving away from home would mean many students or workers need to leave their things in the care of others. Even if its a few boxes left to family members it can still be a hassle convincing people to hold your things or even purchase them. The easier, hassle free storage option would be to protect and store your goods with self storage.

hassle free storage in glasgow

Your Space Is Valuable

This is one of the most important reasons for people investing in self storage. This person would not want to move home but simply does not have enough space for their belongings. Some goods they own are bulky and needed for a short period everything from holiday decorations to baby stuff can be a valuable investment but simply has no use at the time. Left in proper storage it can be used again and given a new life in the future. Therefore this short term investment can benefit some people long term.


Over 1 million passengers fly annually from the Sheffield Doncaster Airport, which is one of two commercial airports in Yorkshire. The airport is an international airport, flying to over 40 destination countries with some of the world’s leading airlines. The airport serves people from around Sheffield and Doncaster and the smaller towns in between, and it is a busy airport considering its location.

Whether you are jetting off on a holiday, travelling for work, or even just attending an event, Covid testing is essential in order to keep services open and the world moving. Make sure you stay in the know when it comes to testing requirements and what is required by airlines and other countries.


Government Testing Regulations

The UK government are constantly updating legislation surrounding screening and travel based on evidence about the spread of COVID-19 in the UK and worldwide. These regulations are crafted with the community health and environment and ease in mind. The quarantine element has seen the most changes under the current guidelines. Travellers who fulfil particular criteria can already enter the UK without going through quarantine and roam about freely.

While the revised travel guidelines eliminate the need for Day 8 Covid tests for persons who have been completely vaccinated and are going back from non-red list places, the UK’s COVID-19 return travel regulations still include the fit to fly test.


covid test

How to Get A PCR Test In Sheffield

Before you leave the UK, you can acquire the Covid-19 PCR test at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, available to book on the internet from a government-approved testing supplier. Depending on what testing procedure you need, you can choose from a selection of tests, including the most common PCR test, the lateral flow test, antigen test and more. The PCR test in Sheffield is conveniently located at the airport, so you can get tested easily before you fly.

It would help to know whether you are entirely vaccinated and if the nation you are visiting allows vaccinated passengers to enter untested. Generally, most airlines still required proof of a negative test to fly anyway, even if you are fully vaccinated.


Keeping up With the Latest Demands

The laws and restrictions governing diagnostics and quarantine necessities represent the pandemic’s changing status. The regulations may alter further according to how effectively COVID-19 is managed in the United Kingdom. As a result, examine the newest recommendations from the UK government’s online webpage for the latest t air-travel regulations before flying, obtaining any personal test kits, or establishing isolation plans.

When you go on a trip, you will also be required to complete a passenger location form, often for the country, you are visiting as well as the UK. This form is meant to notify you that you should self-isolate if someone on your journey tests COVID-19 positive. If your examination result is positive for COVID-19, other passengers within the same plane will be notified to self-isolate. The traveller locator form also ensures that the quarantine requirements related to specific persons are followed.



Having healthy office habits is very important for your physical and mental health. You can avoid stress by incorporating socializing with co-workers. Whenever possible, collaborate with your team members and help them when they need it. In addition, you can keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Caffeine-rich drinks are not recommended after two p.m. If you are working long hours, you should avoid these beverages.


Taking a walk during your break is important. You will be burning calories while refreshing yourself and de-stressing. You can walk around the office or take the stairs. You should also be aware of your posture. Walking regularly throughout the day will prevent you from developing poor posture. You should be conscious of your posture and make sure that you are standing and walking correctly. After spending a long time sitting at your desk, take a break and walk around the office.