Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow | Advantages of a One Week Driving Course

Learning to drive is a rite of passage for many people, it gives them freedom, independence and more flexibility. One of the most frustrating parts of learning to drive is how long it takes. With intensive driving courses in Glasgow, you could pass your test and be on the road in just one week! Here are just some of the many advantages of taking part in a one-to-one intensive driving course.

Pass Your Test Quickly

One of the main reasons that people choose to enter into an intensive driving course is that it takes much less time to pass your test than weekly courses. The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) does not set a minimum number of lessons or practise hours before allowing you to sit your test. However, many driving instructors will set their own guidelines in order to give the student enough time to safely be able to handle a car before allowing them to sit their test.

You Won’t Forget What You’ve Been Taught

The average person will require 47 hours of professional lessons and 22 hours of private practices (with friends and family) before being able to pass their test.

When you take into consideration that most of these people are only getting lessons once a week (if that) it’s not surprising. With intensive driving courses Glasgow, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to need to wait for a week in between lessons and forget what you’ve been doing.

The Instructor Won’t Forget What They’ve Taught You

Another factor that comes into play is that between sessions the instructor may forget what they’ve gone over with you, what you’re good at and what you struggle with. This can waste time during your lesson and can get frustrating for both the student and the instructor.

With an intensive driving course, you will pretty much be learning every day, leaving time to process the information, but not forget it.


Intensive driving courses can actually work out cheaper than weekly lessons. Passing your test after an intensive driving course will reduce the amount of time that you spend taking lessons, which will reduce the cost significantly.

The average amount that a learner will spend on driving lessons before passing their test is £1,128, and that’s not including the costs of sitting both the theory and practical tests. With intensive driving courses, you could pass within 1-2 weeks which would cost you a maximum of £515, including the cost of the test!

Intensive Driving Courses Glasgow

If you are interested in intensive driving courses in Glasgow, there are some things you should know first.

If you are a total beginner and have never even sat in the driver’s seat, then it might be useful to get a couple of lessons before jumping into an intensive driving course. This will allow you to understand the basic functioning and manoeuvrability of a car and help with your confidence (which is extremely important when driving).

If you’re interested in intensive driving lessons, here are some tips on how to choose a driving instructor in Glasgow.