Event Staffing Solutions- All You Need To Know

Event Staffing Solutions

In the events and entertainment industry , Event Staffing Solutions are essential to keep the events and shows running. In this short guide we will give you an overview of what Event Staffing Solutions are and how they can have an impact on events and shows. Ten Ten Events is a highly reputable and versatile company that may be able to work at your event and is an excellent provider of Event Staffing Solutions.


Music Festivals

Music festivals are probably one of the biggest events that are typically associated with Event Staffing Solutions. This is as most music festivals are only held once a year and the majority of staff at the event are working there on a temporary basis. In order for the festival to work effectively it needs to source the best staff it can. In order to do this companies may seek out agencies that provide the most effective Event Staffing Solutions. Safety and security is central to any event and therefore companies want to be able to source the most reliable and trustworthy staff. Whenever sourcing staff for an event it’s important that staff enjoy their time working there and are happy and willing to help festival-goers.

Event Staffing Solutions


Staff Roles And Their Impact

At any festival or event, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to get the event ready to go for the event. This is often overlooked but involves a lot of specialist expertise and skills in order to construct the tents , sets for bands and also any sort of areas for fans as well. Music festivals and concerts typically have barriers put around the perimeter to prevent unauthorised access and this can take up to a months worth of work for production crews and events staff to construct. This is a further reason why it is essential to source reliable Event Staffing Solutions as if the set or concert venue is not ready for the dates of the event then this can cause major disruption and costs more for the Company in charge.

  • Bar staff are typically hired by hospitality agencies to work at events and are involved in the serving of food and drink at pop up bars across venues
  • Production crews are the backbone of any event and help move machinery and equipment across the venue as well as constructing and de-constructing sets/equipment
  • Security is normally provided by larger security firms that are well known although in many cases smaller firms are from agencies are used as well to supplement numbers.
  • Ticket sellers are also employed in some cases by agencies and also by events companies to sell tickets to people visiting the event
Event Staffing Solutions

Event Staff Conclusions

Overall it can be concluded that in order to have Effective Staffing Solutions, companies may need to do fairly in depth research in order to attain the most reputable and reliable companies to work at their event. Generally speaking a lot of companies have a niche when it comes to events. Whether that may be festivals or corporate hospitality or smaller events. No one events company is one and the same.