The Best Fitness Apps to Get You in Shape

We all want the perfect body but none of the work that comes with it. These fitness apps can help you find the motivation that you have been lacking to get up off the sofa and into that gym gear. No matter what exercise is right for you – cycling, running, yoga etc. – there is an app out there for you. Below will give you all the information you need to know about some of the best apps that will help you improve your fitness.

·        Garmin Connect – iOS, Android. £Free

Garmin Connects primary function is that it will help you track your speed, distance and elevation as you run or cycle. Not only will it help you do this but will also calculate how many calories that you have burned using specifications such as your height, weight and age. While the app is free you will need to have a Garmin device (such as a fitness watch) in order to use it.

·        MyFitnessPal – iOS, Android. £Free

This app is less about how much you exercise and more about what you are eating. With a database of over three million foods you can find them with a simple search or by scanning the barcode of the foods. It will then show you how many calories are in that food (as well as fat, protein, carbohydrates etc.). It will – using your specifications – make sure that you are eating a balanced, healthy diet.

·        Strava Cycling – iOS, Android. £Free

Strava Cycling is an app for – believe it or not – cyclists. It will track distance, speed and elevation while you’re on your bike. This allows you to track your performance over time and see the improvements you are making. It also has a feature that pits you against other cyclists that have done the same routes you have to see who can come out on top.

·        Nike Training Club – iOS, Android. £Free

Nike’s application will provide you with a range of over 160+ workouts. It will make specific recommendations to you based on your fitness levels and the areas of the body you want to work on. With video guidance from real athletes, you will know if you are getting it right. Unlock things like new regimes, recipes and tips along the way as you put in the hours.

·        Fitocracy – iOS, Android. £Free

This app is the one for those of you who can find no motivation. As you log in time on your exercises (they can be anything) you will keep gaining levels. The aim is to get to the top and the only way to do that is get moving.

·        Pocket Yoga – iOS £2.99, Android £2.51

The only paid app that makes the list is certainly worth it. This app allows you to do yoga in the comfort of your own home. It has audio and video guidance on 27 routines that all vary in difficulty and duration.