Ways Social Media Is Responsible For Increasing Cosmetic Surgery Demand



Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are known for their photo filters. It is no secret that these filters change the way your face looks. They often change the shape of your nose, eyes, lip size and even skin texture. The social media platforms have been called out for this and is said to have a damaging effect on how people see themselves. It is believed to encourage people to suffer from body dysmorphia, self-insecurity, and self-consciousness.




Instagram and TikTok influencers often are slammed for “promoting” plastic surgery or covering the fact that they have underwent cosmetic surgery, passing their appearances as “natural”. It is known that many people feel they are more encouraged to want cosmetic surgery due to influencers promoting it.



Selfies are extremely common in the social media world and can be seen on any social media platform. Plastic surgeons have reported in the past that over half of their clients have said they want to improve the way they look in selfies, and therefore will undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve this.


Cosmetic Surgery Competitions


Many aesthetic salons and businesses will promote discounted packages and competitions for social media users to enter, in order to win some sort of cosmetic surgery. This is an incredibly damaging sign and misuse of social media. Users may be more inclined to get some type of surgery if being offered at a discounted price.