3 Ways to Use Social Media During A Global Pandemic

hand holding social media on phone in front of a laptop screen

The COVID-19 Pandemic did not change the way adults use social media. In fact, it made them more likely to use social media. Many adults have been using social media for years for a variety of purposes and more so in the modern era. Having to stay isolated at home gave people more and more incentive to partake in Instagram posts or TikTok videos, two platforms and businesses which seemed to benefit from people isolating. But what is the best way to use social media during a global pandemic? Here are some tips

Make Some Content

But be consistent with your brand’s voice. While content on social media can be used for promotional purposes, it is crucial to maintain consistency throughout. While it is easy to get distracted by the visual appeal of social media, content must remain consistent throughout. It’s crucial to use the same tone when writing videos, for example, and to keep the language consistent. Videos and images should echo the brand’s philosophy, beliefs, and voice. For this reason, it’s important to use a style guide to make sure you’re producing content that fits your brand’s voice and tone. Consider using the same colours and fonts even if it’s a personal brand. When you think red and white you probably think Coca-Cola. Their fonts are iconic and memorable too. Although seemingly repetitive it can help your audience associate your brand with a certain style.

Make Some Viral Content

Or at least try to go viral. For content you made to go viral it must be highly circulating and viewed by a large audience in a short time therefore it must be highly-shareable. However, viral content is not the norm on social media platforms. Even the largest viral sites are not consistently able to create content that is wildly shared. The key is to understand your audience and build content that is genuinely relevant to them. Social media marketing is all about driving conversations around your brand and generating good ROI for your material building efforts. If you aim to make quality content that is sharable and targeted towards your audience your content may not all go viral but it’s the best chance for your personal brand or business to grow.

Build a Community

Social media is not just cat videos and controversial images, it can be used to bring people closer. Even if it seems counterintuitive, social media can be used to build groups of similar interests and start conversations which start communities. This can be especially useful when isolated and unable to meet other people in person. People can find a voice on social media and spark real change for their brand or beyond if used correctly.